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The safety of our customer's data is our main concern, and to allow us to safely operate on hard drives we have equipped our laboratories with restricted access, isolated rooms with horizontal laminar flow hoods that meet the ISO 14644-1 requirements with an average efficence of 99,999058%.

Horizontal laminar flow hoods are equipped with specific HEPA Filters, which allow the creation of controlled contamination environments in which our engineers can open electro-mechanical hard drives.

The following table is a brief panoramic of the classifications that meet the ISO 14644-1 requirements:

ISO Classification Maximum concentration for particle/cubic meter of air per particle size
5μm 1μm 0,5μm
ISO8 29.300 832.000 3.520.000
ISO7 2.930 83.200 352.000
ISO6 293 8.320 35.200
ISO5 29 832 3.520

Practical example:

A ISO5 horizontal laminar flow hood cannot contain more than 29 particles of dust of size greater than 5μm, in one cubic meter of air.

Advantages of ISO5 Horizontal laminar flow hoods:

Another worth noting advantage of utilizing this type of hoods, compared to other systems, is the direction of the generated airflow.

Cappa flusso laminare

There are various other types of filtering systems, some of them have HEPA filters installed above the working area, creating a vertical airflow that is directed on the working area from above. The hard drive receives the airflow perpendicularly, increasing the risk of contamination. The contamination may occur in the moment the operator is between the HEPA filter and the HDD, and could be caused by hair, particles on the operator's clothing and other contamination factors such as tools used to work on the hard drive, which could be a veichle of contamination.

Horizontal laminar flow hoods are able to eliminate all this risk factors since the airflow it's parallel to the working area, and so is to the device the operator is working on, preventing any kind of contamination.

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